Nano War and Roll ‘n’ Jump mobile version win the Flash Game License contest

Nano War Android

Finally Nano War placed #10 and Roll And Jump placed in the top 150 entries of the Flash Game Licence: Cell Your Flash Game Contest.

Now you are able to Play Nano War and Roll and Jump on your mobile Android device.
The games work well. Thery were optimized for mobile interface. Actually the game experience is better.

In Nano War Mobile Version you can also play against all players whatever their devices. No registration is required, only a nickname. However the level editor was removed.

Play Nano War: Mobile version

Play Roll and Jump: Mobile version

Adobe invite me to convert my games in AIR for Android Applicaiton. But unfortunatly Nano War was coded in 2007 in ActionScript 2.0 and AIR requiered ActionScription 3.0.

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