Flash CS5 builds iPhone applications

Flash Professional CS5 will enable you to build applications for iPhone and iPod touch using ActionScript 3. These applications can be delivered to iPhone and iPod touch users through the Apple App Store.*

A public beta of Flash Professional CS5 with prerelease support for building applications for iPhone is planned for later this year. Sign up to be notified when the beta starts.

At MAX 2009, Adobe showed a number of applications and games for iPhone that have been built using a prerelease version of Flash Professional CS5. These applications are available now for you to download from the Apple App Store.

Go to the official article on labs.adobe.com: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashcs5/appsfor_iphone/#divider

New game, new gameplay, Roll and Jump


roll_n_jump_logo_mini_120_120Roll and Jump is a skill game where the goal is to climb as high as possible by jumping from a rolling circle to another.

Clim and do the highest score as possible.
You can do a wall jump, a double jump or activate slow motion!

The game will be released in few days on the web i hope to bring it on iphone as soon as possible.