Nano War iOS update 1.05 – Multiplayer mode is available for free

I’m proud to annonce the release of the multiplayer mode of Nano War iOS (update 1.05).

The Multiplayer mode is FREE!



The multiplayer mode uses Game Center and the matchmaking service. The online game works very well. The gameplay is very smooth. I didn’t see any lags.
You can invite your friends and play against them up to 4 players.


10 seconds after tapping the matchmaking button a player joined the game.
I played against 4 different players and each battle was different.

Here my first victory against a human player. :)


There are 2 different maps for 2, 3 and 4 players. But I will to add more maps and more features.

Please rate and write a short review again! Thanks

Enjoy ! ;)

Nano War iOS application beta version, looking for beta testers !

Hello smartphone users,

I’m happy to say : The beta version of Nano War iOS will be playable soon. This is a very important step. Do not hesitate to contact me or using the feedback form into the app.
By the way you can sign up at in order to test the beta version of Nano War iOS.

Click on this link and sign up:

This step take 1 minute. Sign up from your iOS device (iPhone and/or iPad) or login from your smartphone. I need you device ID in order to register your device into my application.
Done ? Great ! You will receive the last playable version by email. Open the mail from your iOS device and the application will be installed automatically.

Thank you very much !

Nano War 2 finally playable

Finally the sequel of Nano War 1 released in november 2007.

I hope that new game will be a great success llike the first episode.

Every humans own billons of nanoscopic cells.
Some of these cells are doomed to protect our organism and fight foreign organisms.
Even confined to smaller and unlikely places the war is present.

Welcome on Nano War 2.

Play Nano War 2 on Kongregate.

What’s news ?

  • Solo mode
  • 25 levels: play against 1, 2 or 3 computers.
  • Upgrade your cells
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Multiplayer: play against 1, 2 or 3 players.
  • Skirmish mode
  • 21 Achivements
  • The White blood cell: Increase your cells and capture opponent’s cells.
  • The Fat cell: Protect your cells or infect opponent’s cells
  • The Antibody cell: The most powerfull cell, increase your production or capture opponent’s cells and units instantly.

Have fun!

Nano War 2.0 private beta 6: multiplayer

Thanks for playing the previous beta versions.
I fixed lot of bugs and I added some features including the multiplayer mode.
Now you are able to play Nano War against 1, 2 or 3 players with the new game system.
The game is still in beta because the multiplayer mode has to be tested and playtested again and again.
There are only 3 maps available : 1v1, 1v1v1 and 1v1v1v1.

You can still play on the private beta here with this password: beta.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to post any bugs or suggestions on the forum (no registration required).

Beta 6 release note:

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Nano War 2 account (You can use your Nano War 1 account)
  • Guest players can play online
  • Game statistics are saved: You win experience points
  • New background music
  • New collision detection in order to win performance
  • Fixed bug when the game is paused
  • Fixed bug when units can interfere the  mouse click
  • Fixed a sound loop when units accelerate
  • New visual asset on the WhitebloodCell + AntibodyCell
  • Units move on his target only when they accelerate
  • The R key can restart the game
  • Fixed autopause bug
  • Fixed the next button is on foreground
  • Fixed bug when game is paused. Special cell are not paused.

Nano War and Roll ‘n’ Jump mobile version win the Flash Game License contest

Nano War Android

Finally Nano War placed #10 and Roll And Jump placed in the top 150 entries of the Flash Game Licence: Cell Your Flash Game Contest.

Now you are able to Play Nano War and Roll and Jump on your mobile Android device.
The games work well. Thery were optimized for mobile interface. Actually the game experience is better.

In Nano War Mobile Version you can also play against all players whatever their devices. No registration is required, only a nickname. However the level editor was removed.

Play Nano War: Mobile version

Play Roll and Jump: Mobile version

Adobe invite me to convert my games in AIR for Android Applicaiton. But unfortunatly Nano War was coded in 2007 in ActionScript 2.0 and AIR requiered ActionScription 3.0.

Vote for Nano War and Take Something Literally

If you like Nano War or Take Something Literally you will be very helpfull if you can vote for my games on the Inde Pub Game contest.
Register here
And vote here

Only 5 minutes needed :). Thank you very much.

Edit: The contest is over. Actually my game was submited one day before the end. Thank your IndiePub.

Nano War 2.0 beta 4

The game is almost finished. I hope you will enjoy the synphonic musics and the new sfx. I think game experience will be better. However I would like to release the game before september without the level editor and the multipayer mode. I don’t want to wait any longer but If you find any bugs or if you have any sugestion please send me message I want to polish my game before the release. Beacase my game is also your game. I plan to optimise the game for Android too.

Thanks to all beta testers and all your feedbacks. I read every message. You are welcome to post your message on the forum. Everybody can read your message and discuss about that.

The Nano War 2.0 beta 4 is playable here and the password is still beta.

Release notes:

  • Added background musics
  • Added sounds fx
  • Added “Manual” page in the main menu
  • Balancing challenges: Tricky and Expert are harder
  • Balancing big neutral cells at first levels
  • Fixed free upgrade points bug
  • Tutorial “Next” button more visible

NB: If you want to delete your saved games click here and delete the cookie domain:

The vuvuzela game: just for fun

The Vuvuzelga game
The Vuvuzela game

After the hand of Thierry Henry the vuvuzela game.

Play on Facebook:  The vuvuzela game sur Facebook

Game made in 4 hours just for fun :).


Play the vuvuzela game. Blow up the Maradona’s head with your vuvuzela.

How to play:

Just click to “shoot”.

Emebed this game: