Nano War 2.0 private beta 3

First of all I would like to thank all beta testers and all your feedbacks. Your feedbacks will help me to make better games. You are welcome to post your message on the forum. Everybody can read your message and discuss about that.

I red all your messages so I decided to modify Nano War 2 again. I worked on Nano War 2 during few weeks in order to add more features and improvements.

The new beta version is playable here and the password is beta, please install the Flash debugger version and post your comments on the forum. Enjoy !

Edit: New translations an will come on the next version.

Here the release notes of Nano War 2 beta 3:

  • Upgrade system: Unit’s speed, Increase time, Fat sheild efficient, Special cells cost.
  • 3 new challenges: with HUD, without HUD, with Fog of war.
  • You can buy your upgrades by complete different challenges.
  • New Hud shows the units power.
  • 25 levels are fully playable.
  • Better AI.
  • Main font swtiched to Verdana in order to use special chars like chinese, russian, …
  • The quality can be switched with the “Q” key in order to optimise framerate.
  • Blur transition removed.
  • Lot of bugs fixed (collision, AI,..)

Nano War Multiplayer v0.83

sp_image-435108671-1242656607.jpegYou are welcome to test and enjoy the new version of Nano War.
This new release include : new multiplayer levels, new background music, new multiplayer server (low latency and less bugs).

I will start to work on the 2nd Nano War as soon as possible.
However, don’t forget to post any bugs of feedbacks on the forum. ;)

Have fun !

Play now !

Edit : I’m also happy to see my game on the famous german newspaper DER SPIEGEL:
If your don’t know this famous newspaper like me read this: