EnigmBox 2.0 released on iOS and Android

After 1 year of intense development EnigmBox 2.0 is now available on the Google Play and The AppStore.

Download the game with this link to get 4 Free hints: http://bit.ly/enigmbox_release

Join the community and follow EnigmBox on the social networks.

More puzzles are coming… ;-)

Unity – Install and run an APK on all connected devices with a bash script on OS X


As a mobile game developer you need to deploy your game on multiple devices, especially on Android devices.

Unity can only Build and run on ONE device.

If you connect several devices the build will be run on one device only.

So if you want to install and run an .apk file on all connected devices you can use this script:

  • Create a file named push_apk_all_devices.sh
  • Copy and paste this script:

  • First, you need to install the Android SDK
  • Open a Terminal window
  • Type adb and Press enter in order to check if the adb command is installed

  • Check if the devices are connected and type adb devices

  • Build an .apk file with Unity
  • Then launch this script: sh path/push_apk_all_devices.sh (just drag and drop the script in the terminal window)
  • When it’s done press CTRL + C to stop the script.

SOURCE: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8610733/how-can-i-adb-install-an-apk-to-multiple-connected-devices/14822827

Vote for EnigmBox for the Free Galaktus Indie Game Contest 2016


I’m happy to announce that EnigmBox is selected for the Free Galaktus – Indie Game Contest 2016
So you only need 2 seconds to vote until the 10th of October 2016:

  1. Open this link
  2. Select the EnigmBox game
  3. Enter your email address at the bottom of the page


Thank you for your support ;)

Casual Connect Asia 2016: 2 IndiePrize awards for EnigmBox

EnigmBox was selected by the Indie Prize jury to participate to the Casual Connect Asia 2016 @ Singapore.
Actually Enigmbox was also present during the Indie Prize showcase at Amsterdam in 2015. It was a great experience for my first Casual Connect event.


But this year we won 2 IndiePrize awards:

  • Best In Show Critics choice award
  • Most innovative game award

ipa_best-in-show-critics-choice ipa_most-innovative-game

EnigmBox was also nominated for the Best mobile game award too! Thanks all!
That was amazing. We were very surprised and happy with those awards.


The place was really beautiful. Singapore is an amazing city, very different from my French town that’s certain. We also played awesome games and met crazy indie game developers!

IMG_4246IMG_2871 IMG_4276IMG_2853

Since this event we are in the home page of the IndiePrize website with other cool developers :).


You also can see all the winners and the nominations on the official IndiePrize website.

Now I have to work on the Android version of EnigmBox ;).

Retrospective of 2015


Usually I don’t write articles about me. But I think it will be my review of the last year, my review about my independent game developer job and to motivate some game devs.

My year was marked by a little health problem during several months. But I had the chance to travel across the Europe and to meet a lot of interesting people.

I learned only this year that I had to move from my village in the south of France. I moved back to my birthplace in 2009. Making game alone in his house is cool but YOU MUST  share them, show them and meet other developers.

I had the chance to develop 2 series of successful Flash games without moving from my house. FlashGameLicence, ArmorGames, Kongregate, Newsgrounds, etc. are not viable anymore today for web games. It’s the time for mobile games and  indie games’ boom.

For me this is “The Indiepocalypse”.

I’m develop my games and  promote them alone so I had to change my behavior. My game, EnigmBox was nominated for the European Indie Game Days in 2013 in Paris but I didn’t had enough money to purchase the entrance ticket. I also was selected for the Indie Prize at Singapore in 2013 but it was really too expensive and I was not motivated to travel alone. It’s complicated when your publisher goes bankrupt and your invoices are not paid. At the end of 2014 I finally bought a ticket for the European Indie Game Days 2014. When you meet others indie dev it’s really motivating, so it was the time to wake up.

Tu arrives à vivre avec tes jeux indépendants ?
Do you earn money with your indie games?

The force awakens…

February 2015 Casual Connect Indie Prize @ Amsterdam: Exhibitor of EnigmBox

It was my first showcase. I deciced to travel to Amsterdam because the Casual Connect can give you a room and some food on site for 2 persons.

We were placed between French developers. I met a French developer from the south of France like me, William David from the Swing Swing Submarine studio. Lozange Lab studio was also our neighbors. We spent some crazy moments with them.

But what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam!


On the other side we met the developers of Out There. 2 guys who already won an Indie Prize award. So I also met the famous game designer, FibreTigre.

A lot of people appreciated EnigmBox. But It was difficult to find a publisher because the game was already published on iOS. However, GamesBoosters a new Spanish game publisher was interested to publish my game in Spain and Latin America market.

During this event, SpilGames organized a filmed Interview to talk about our games: “The Unsung Heroes”. Everyone can participate to talk about a cool game and the difficulty to promote a game on the mobile market.

During this event I also met in person Mr Vadim, an old friend. This Russian guy developed a copy of NanoWar in 2008 called: “Clone Wars”. A very similar game. But now a lot of time has passed. We were so young.

Thanks to this interview, a new Canadian publisher, called Gigataur (Playmium) contacted me because they looked for games without publishers and they appreciated Rolling Jump. So we make a deal to re-publish “Rolling Jump” and “Nano War” too.

Festival International des Jeux de Cannes: Visitor

Free entry for an interesting festival. You can try a lot of board games. I met Inateo, one of my old students who showcased his video game.


Japan Touch Haru @ Lyon: Exhibitor of NanoWar, EnigmBox, Shifumi 6

A Japan festival at Lyon but with also a retrogaming area and an indie games area. Thanks to Inateo, we showcased 3 games and I got a lot of good feedbacks.


During the event I also pitched 2 of my games in front of Marc Albinet the creative director of Assassin’s Creed at Ubisoft studio. It was really cool but I just made this for fun.

Indie Games Workshop @ Montpellier: Visitor

Workshop organized by the association “Play” localized in the south of France.


GamesCom @ Cologne: Business


It was the first GamesCom of my life. I was invited by the publisher Gigataur. I visited the biggest gaming conventions of all Europe. I met an old friend but now he is producer at Spiders studio. During this event I met Skywilli from IndieMag.fr. He is a rare French journalist specialized on Indie games.

I also met Florent Gorges from Omaké Book. He works on NoLife TV, the only one Geek TV in France. We discussed a moment then I showed him EnigmBox and he really appreciated it.

It’s always motivating when someone we like also likes your work.

I also met the Spanish Publisher of EnigmBox who published in the same time the game of a Spanish indie dev: Ludipe. Ludipe is a Spanish game designer with creative ideas. He loves the game jams. He made a game during the travel to Cologne in a van. I urge you to try out Missing Translation.

Madrid Games Week @ Madrid: Exhibitor of EnigmBox

There, I was alone at Madrid for 3 days. I lost my Spanish but when you are motivated and with a “cerveza”: ¡Puedo hablar español muy bien amigo!

Spanish people appreciated EnigmBox and the Spanish press too. It’s very tiring but that’s alright I make games for gamers after all.

Ludipe was also present. My neighbours, Rodaja Studio showcased a polished game named “Unfair Jousting Fair”. A multiplayer 1v1 jousting game on monocycle. Perfect for this kind of event.

That was an awesome experience but  Spanish people speak  loudly.


European Indie Game Days 2015 @ Paris (Montreuil) Touriste

Etre développeur indépendant finalement c’est aussi se serrer les coudes, se motiver mutuellement, ne pas se sentir seul discuter et trouver des idées ensembles.

Paris Games Week @ Paris: Visitor

After Germany, Spain, I’m back in France. I met my old students but now some are professional game developers.

I also chatted with Marcus. He is the pioneer of the “Let’s Play” video on TV. Definitely the first in the world because he started in the 1990s. He tested few minutes the game Enigmbox and he was bluffed. It’s always exciting to see how players react.


I was wearing an Indie Prize Tshirt so an entrepreneur asked me if I’m a indie game developer. We chatted together and he gives me some valuable tips in marketing and UX.

Intel Buzz Workshsop @ Paris: Exhibitor of EnigmBox

The Intel team contacted me with LinkedIn 2 weeks before the Intel Buzz Workshop. A workshop about game development with a tiny showcase. EnigmBox is selected for the event. It was a rich day that I don’t regret.

I didn’t win the audience award but I won the best selfie award.


Everything I have done gave me a good motivation. But I can’t handle the projects for clients and my indie games. I had only few time to work on my games. I will try to spend more time this year and I will take some holiday.

Today, I’m back in Paris since October. I will be near from a lot of gaming events in France because everything takes place in Paris.

  • I can conclude in few sentences:
    Be yourself especially on social networks
  • You can’t do everything alone
  • Show that you exist
  • Ask help or advices!
  • Harass the journalists! But not too much!
  • Go to the gaming events, workshops, conferences, gamejams.
  • Players during showcases are super cool! ¡En particlar los jugos espanõles jajajajaja!
  • Observe and listen the players
  • The gaming industry is tiny
  • Take the opportunities
  • Don’t be shy! Meet other people!
  • And practice your English (Y Español tampoco) !

And a very special thank to my girlfriend who was with me during some showcases! :D

Rolling Jump 1.4 testers and translators needed


I’m working on my game Rolling Jump released in 2011.

You can download the old version here: http://bit.ly/rolling-jump
But next week the 1.4 version will be available on the app store with new features, optimizations, etc.


I decided to improve my game but I need your help to translate the game in more languages.

Please send me an email: contact [at] benoitfreslon [dot] com

Thank you all.

Windows 7 64 bits Boot Camp very slow on boot ? Optimize boot time

I installed Boot Camp 4 and Windows 7 64 bits on my MacBook Pro 2011 in 2011. The first boot time are really acceptable but after installing some softwares the boot time was really slow: aout 6-8 minutes. Now I can boot Windows 7 64 bits in less 1″30. :)

1. Windows Registry

  • Start menu
  • Search > Regedit > OK
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction
  • Modify the value of OptimizeComplete to Yes (it’s worked for me)

2. MSConfig

  • Start menu
  • Search > msconfig > OK
  • Boot  tab  > Avanced options > Select all your CPU
  • Services tab > Unselect all useless services
  • Startup tab > Unselect all useless software at startup

3. Services

  • Start menu
  • Search > services > OK

And set useless services to Manual. Use this list : http://www.askvg.com/windows-7-services-that-can-be-safely-set-to-manual/ Good luck ;). Please comment if my tips work.

List of independant game contests, showcases and game jams for indie game developers

Here the non exhaustive list of all independant game contests & Jams: UPDATE: 03/01/2015



EDIT: All showcases http://www.promoterapp.com/calendar



EDIT (02/12/2014): you can find all jams here: http://compohub.net

Please comment and send feedbacks to update this list ;).

EnigmBox: Finalist of the European Indie Game Days awards (EIGD), category: Originality


The EIGD was on the 24th and 25th of October in Montreuil, France, near to Paris. Here the website: http://www.eigd.org/.

Unfortunately I couldn’t assist to the EIGD meetings but I’m sure it was very interesting.

Here the category lists:

  • The Student Awards – a category exclusively for vocational school students. We hope to find a crazy pearl!
  • Originality Award – For the most original in terms of gameplay, the theme or narrative European game
  • The Innovation Award – For the most innovative gaming technology or use of technology.
  • The Price of Artistic Consistency – For the game which the graphic is more consistent, but also the most original!
  • And the Grand Prize will be selected from the winners of the previous categories.

Enigmbox was finalist of the EIGD awards, category Originality.

There was 5 different catogories: http://www.eigd.org/en/content/eigd-awards. You can find all finalists here: http://www.snjv.org/eigd-awards-finalistes,814.html

The awards ceremony was the 24th October near to the “Le café salé” in Montreuil.

The other finalists for the originality category were: Mush from Motion Twin and Type: rider from Agat Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo.

Here the results:

  • SerpenteS won The Student Award
  • Mush won the Award. Congrats to the Montion Twin team.
  • Strike Vector won the Innovation Award
  • Type: Rider won the price of Artistic Consistency
  • One Life remains won the Grand prize, congrats guys ;).

Unfortunately EnimgBox didn’t won any prize but I’m still proud to compete with big projects. A big thanks to the EIGD team ;).

See you next year.