Flash for mobile contests

Like you know, Android mobiles with froyo (OS 2.2) can play Adobe Flash content since july 2010. Great new! :D

So some websites and Adobe decided to organize 3 diffrent contests:

Kongregate Mobile flash game contest: $30 000 in prizes, end 23th august 2010.

Flash Game Licence: Cell your Flash game contest, $30 000 in prizes, end 5th october 2010.

Mochiads: Made for mobile contest, $20 000 in prizes, end 24th october 2010.

There is no rules against posting games to other contests.

So I will try to adapt and optimize Roll and Jump and Nano War for Android devices. Thank you Adobe and Google. Good luck all!

Nano War 2.0 beta 4

The game is almost finished. I hope you will enjoy the synphonic musics and the new sfx. I think game experience will be better. However I would like to release the game before september without the level editor and the multipayer mode. I don’t want to wait any longer but If you find any bugs or if you have any sugestion please send me message I want to polish my game before the release. Beacase my game is also your game. I plan to optimise the game for Android too.

Thanks to all beta testers and all your feedbacks. I read every message. You are welcome to post your message on the forum. Everybody can read your message and discuss about that.

The Nano War 2.0 beta 4 is playable here and the password is still beta.

Release notes:

  • Added background musics
  • Added sounds fx
  • Added “Manual” page in the main menu
  • Balancing challenges: Tricky and Expert are harder
  • Balancing big neutral cells at first levels
  • Fixed free upgrade points bug
  • Tutorial “Next” button more visible

NB: If you want to delete your saved games click here and delete the cookie domain: www.benoitfreslon.com

The vuvuzela game: just for fun

The Vuvuzelga game
The Vuvuzela game

After the hand of Thierry Henry the vuvuzela game.

PLAY HERE : http://www.benoitfreslon.com/my-games/the-vuvuzela-game/
Play on Facebook:  The vuvuzela game sur Facebook

Game made in 4 hours just for fun :).


Play the vuvuzela game. Blow up the Maradona’s head with your vuvuzela.

How to play:

Just click to “shoot”.

Emebed this game:

GeekIsArt: Gameplay for coders

Logo GeekIsArt

Play GeekIsArt

GeekIsArt is an advergame developed for ISART Digital. This game is designed for coders and future coders.

Discover your programming skills with GeekIsArt ! Help your geek achieve his dream by optimizing his scoring !
The programming department of the school is happy to offer you GeekIsArt, a game based on logic.

PLAY GeekIsArt

You have to program a character (a cute little geek) in order to activate all triggers. But you have to optimise your code like a real programmer.
Optimise every commands by using, function, loop, and logic. You can submit your best score and challenge your friends on 15 levels. Unfortunately the game is only available in french.

Take Someting Literally 2 private beta

Take something literally 2 logo
Click to play Take something literally 2 beta

After many requests I decided to blow up my brain to design more puzzles. That was hard, that was epic but I finally found 25 more puzzles. And now your are welcome to test here:

Take Something Literally 2 in private beta here.

I hope you will enjoy the new game system, the puzzles, the references and the rewards. If you have any request please post a comment or go to the forum.

A little post mortem about the first episode:

Take something literally 1 was my first “riddle” game. I made this first episode without Internet connection in few days. I made this game for fun. Actually I just started to design one little “game” based on the irreversible choises, the “flash cookies” and the clock system. But after all this idea had a big potential. So I decide to design a lot of litle puzzles based “outside the game”. Against all odds it was a hudge success with players. I knew that some players could not play some puzzles. But that was my choise. I knew that sponsors would be frightened about that. But after the first release on Kongregate and the 1 million plays in one week they changed their opinion.

Nano War 2.0 private beta test

Your are welcome to test my new game Nano War 2.0. Indeed it’s the sequel of Nano War released in may 2008.
New gameplay, new graphics, new music, new AI, new cells, …

If you want to test the private beta click here to play Nano War 2.0 beta and use this password : beta

EDIT: The new version “beta 2 is available”.

Dont forget to report any bugs, errors and feedbacks on the forum.

Translate my games in german, russian, chinese, …

Hello everyone I’m looking for nice people who want to help me to translate my games in different languages:

English (found), german, chinese, japanese, italian, spanish, russian, polish, portuguese, czech, danish, dutch, finnish, hungarian, korean, norwegian, swedish, turkish, etc.

You are welcome to send me a message here with an introduction about yourself:

Thanks to all people who help me.

Take something literally, new concept, and new community


In this game you don’t kill zombies or nazies. You don’t build tower to stop monsters. You just use your brain and all your environement :
mouse, keyboard, monitor, webcam, microphone, printer, your fingers, your eyes, your body, etc.

Take something literally is a complilation of 25 puzzles.
This game is an abstract, conceptual and original.

The rules are quite simple. Take the hints literally and just think. The solution is always near you. Be aware of your environement. Everybody can play and enjoy this game, You don’t have to be an hardcore gamer…

Have fun