Décroche la lune



Advergame for HR-Path.

Hosted on http://www.la-carriere-dont-vous-etes-le-heros.com/

An advergame designed for a french company: HR-Path. The game contains 3 minigames but the gameplay is quite simple.
The main objective is to : Reach and “Unhook the moon” (“Décrocher la lune” in french). This french expression means in english: “Go to the end of the world”.
The game is divided in 3 missions:
  • 1st mission: Pick up all logos and climb to the top of the building by jumping from a beam to another.
  • 2nd mission: Pick up all logos and jump on the clouds to reach the stratosphere before your opponents.
  • 3nd mission: Pick up all logos reach the moon with your jetpack before your opponent.

The opponents are ghosts from previous players. All player moves are saved and replayed in the game through ghosts.

How to play

  • 1st mission: Click to jump or use your mouse cursor to guide your jump.
  • 2nd mission: Just use your mouse cursor to guide your hero.
  • 3nd mission: Click to use the jetpack  and use your mouse cursor to orient your hero.


Year :  May 2010.



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