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I’m happy to announce that EnigmBox is selected for the Free Galaktus – Indie Game Contest 2016
So you only need 2 seconds to vote until the 10th of October 2016:

  1. Open this link
  2. Select the EnigmBox game
  3. Enter your email address at the bottom of the page


Thank you for your support ;)

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Here the non exhaustive list of all independant game contests & Jams: UPDATE: 03/01/2015



EDIT: All showcases http://www.promoterapp.com/calendar



EDIT (02/12/2014): you can find all jams here: http://compohub.net

Please comment and send feedbacks to update this list ;).

10:16 AM 10:16 AM10:16 AM


The EIGD was on the 24th and 25th of October in Montreuil, France, near to Paris. Here the website: http://www.eigd.org/.

Unfortunately I couldn’t assist to the EIGD meetings but I’m sure it was very interesting.

Here the category lists:

  • The Student Awards – a category exclusively for vocational school students. We hope to find a crazy pearl!
  • Originality Award – For the most original in terms of gameplay, the theme or narrative European game
  • The Innovation Award – For the most innovative gaming technology or use of technology.
  • The Price of Artistic Consistency – For the game which the graphic is more consistent, but also the most original!
  • And the Grand Prize will be selected from the winners of the previous categories.

Enigmbox was finalist of the EIGD awards, category Originality.

There was 5 different catogories: http://www.eigd.org/en/content/eigd-awards. You can find all finalists here: http://www.snjv.org/eigd-awards-finalistes,814.html

The awards ceremony was the 24th October near to the “Le café salé” in Montreuil.

The other finalists for the originality category were: Mush from Motion Twin and Type: rider from Agat Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo.

Here the results:

  • SerpenteS won The Student Award
  • Mush won the Award. Congrats to the Montion Twin team.
  • Strike Vector won the Innovation Award
  • Type: Rider won the price of Artistic Consistency
  • One Life remains won the Grand prize, congrats guys ;).

Unfortunately EnimgBox didn’t won any prize but I’m still proud to compete with big projects. A big thanks to the EIGD team ;).

See you next year.

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Last year I missed the Flash Gamming Submit 2010. I Would liked to submit Take Something Literally 1.

If you like my games you will be very helpfull if you can nominate my game Take Something Literally 2 to the Flash Gaming Summit 2011.

This take only 10 seconds :

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your email address and your name.
  3. The name of the flash game: Take Something Literally 2
  4. The website: http://armorgames.com/play/5977/take-something-literally-2
  5. And finally select 4 catagories: Best Indie Game, Best Puzzle Game, Most Creative Game and People’s Choice Awards.
  6. Click on the confirm button, That’s all!

Now I can kiss you ! … No I can’t… But I can say : Thank you very very much!

06:30 PM 06:30 PM06:30 PM

If you like Nano War or Take Something Literally you will be very helpfull if you can vote for my games on the Inde Pub Game contest.
Register here http://www.indiepubgames.com/register.php
And vote here http://www.indiepubgames.com/vote.php

Only 5 minutes needed :). Thank you very much.

Edit: The contest is over. Actually my game was submited one day before the end. Thank your IndiePub.

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Like you know, Android mobiles with froyo (OS 2.2) can play Adobe Flash content since july 2010. Great new! :D

So some websites and Adobe decided to organize 3 diffrent contests:

Kongregate Mobile flash game contest: $30 000 in prizes, end 23th august 2010.

Flash Game Licence: Cell your Flash game contest, $30 000 in prizes, end 5th october 2010.

Mochiads: Made for mobile contest, $20 000 in prizes, end 24th october 2010.

There is no rules against posting games to other contests.

So I will try to adapt and optimize Roll and Jump and Nano War for Android devices. Thank you Adobe and Google. Good luck all!