Color Fish

My last creation for Teissiere. An advergame designed and developped with Castor & Pollux. This is a Facebook application with contest.
But the constest is over now. By the way this version is only a demo: Only 6 levels are available.

Color is a little puzzle game with physic based gameplay. The player should solve puzzle with dexterity and ingenuity to pouring syrup into an aquarium.

Play Color Fish

Garden Rush : Facebook time management game

If you like or if you don’t like vegetables, fruits, salads you can play Garden Rush on Facebook.
Garden Rush is a time management game but don’t worry it isn’t a percistant game like City Ville.
And if you like Alice Greenfingers you will also like Garden Rush.

The gameplay loop look like this one :

Plant > Arose > Weed > Seasonal illnesses > Prune > Collect > Sell

Play Garden Rush on Facebook

The game is actually fun and addictive and the graphics are pretty.  Nice work team!

The game was ordered by MesmoGames, the owner of Bouncing Balls or Gems II.
Exkee developed the game and I worked as an ActionScript coder and as a lead director for the first period.